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Fmuser ZHC518A-3KW 3000W 3kw TV video Transmitter NCST VHF UHF Transmitter

R: V20190822-16-22 Data sheet   User Manual

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This product is the all solid-state Single-channel TV Transmitter, it adopts professional TV exciter, and it can use the single/duel exciter configuration, switching automatically. This transmitter has a variety of linear and non-linear pre-correction function, carrier frequency offset, and precision bias (with external precision reference source) function. It can prefabricate and control the half-power output, and it has remote control telemetry interface. The power amplifier used LDMOS FET, the analog and digital are both compatible, and it used high-quality switch parallel power. The power amplifier and power supply are both used hot-plug devices. The power loss and standing wave of the one-time synthesis power combiner is small. The module of power amplifier display the working parameters in real-time. The whole machine has the protection of over-current, over temperature, over power and over-standing wave ratio. The master touch screen displays the working parameters of the whole machine and the module of power amplifier (PA) in real-time. The 3KW transmitter is installed in one 19inch chassis; it’s suitable for all-levels of TV station.


  • The whole machine is single-channel, image with audio together.
  • The redundant configuration design can reduce the rate of inactive to zero.
  • The exciter redundancy design: the main exciter and its spare exciter can switch automatically (the spare exciter is optional). When the main exciter broke down, it can switch to the spare exciter uninterrupted.
  • The power amplifier redundancy design: multiple amplifiers integrated; the modules of PA are high-consistency.
  • These two exciters are the spare one with each other and can exchange easily.
  • The power supply redundancy design: parallel current sharing power from multiple switching power supply; the computer can monitor power supply’s working condition and adjust its working condition automatically.
  • The management and monitoring are intelligent and on network, it has the external PC interface.
  • It has the technical data detection, monitoring systems and full-featured computer control software with auto-diagnostic function. All technical parameters can be read through the LCD display panel.
  • Comprehensive protection measures can reduce the damage of equipments. This machine has protection about no video; VSWR is too large, overheating, over-stimulus, missing phase protection and lightning protection. The switch has protection about overvoltage, over current, under voltage, over temperature, short circuit and lightning protection.
  • All power supplies are switching power supplies; high efficiency, excellent regulator range, strong adaptable from the change of the external voltage.
  • It adopts modular design concept.
  • Hot-pluggable design: power amplifier and switching power are supporting the Hot-plug, it’s easy to debug and maintenance; improve the reliability.
  • The fan is built-in the chassis, the transmitter has a compact structure and a beautiful shape.

Technical Specifications:

1. Working frequency:VHF/UHF 2. Output power:3KW 3. Output impedance: 50Ω 4. VSWR of output load impedance:≤1.12 5. Inter-modulation distortion: ≤-50dB 6. Useless transmission:In adjacent channel≤-40dB Out adjacent channel≤-60dB 7. RF output interface: Φ40(1-5/8”) 8. Power supply:Three-phase 380V 9. Shape size:1840mm×580mm×1150mm 10.Weight: 380KG

Image performance: 1. Video frequency input level: 1VP-P positive polarity 2. Video frequency input impedance:75Ω 3. DG:±5% 4. DP:±5° 5. Luminance nonlinear:≤10% 6. Group delay: ≤±60ns 7. Signal-to-clutter ration of low frequency period interference: ≥50dB

Sound performance: 1. Audio input level:0dBm±6dB 2. Audio input impedance: 10KΩ (imbalance) 600Ω (Balance) 3. Maximum frequency deviation: ±50KHz 4. Harmonic distortion: ≤1% 5. The amplitude frequency characteristics: ±1dB 6. Signal-to -clutter: ≥60dB

Price(USD) Qty(PCS) Shipping(USD) Total(USD) Shipping Method Payment
35229 1 3000 38229 DHL,EMS,FEDEX IE


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