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FMUSER RDS-A Encoder RDS for FM Transmitter

R: V20191101-17-49 Data sheet   User Manual

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FMUSER RDS-A Encoder is well suited for most regional, local, RSL, LPFM and other medium- and small-coverage radio stations which use Ethernet for dynamic RDS data distribution. Built-in Ethernet controller supports multiple TCP/UDP ports, internet functions and remote monitoring . FMUSER RDS-A Encoder have Fully DSP concept and effective design ensures high reliability, excellent signal characteristics and gives the user many advanced features while maintaining low acquisition costs.


 Fully dynamic FM broadcast RDS encoder with up to four independent communication ports  USB connectivity for local settings and maintenance purposes  Ethernet connectivity for linking with broadcast automation system  Control interface based on ASCII commands and UECP protocol  Supports internet functions and remote monitoring  Text features include dynamic PS, parsing, scrolling, tagging, fixed messages, scheduling and HTTP reading  Excellent compatibility with broadcast automation systems  Control software includes powerful Windows GUI application  Supports control from external PHP/ASP scripts  Easy and fast set-up  Excellent spectral purity, direct digital RDS signal synthesis; compliant with EN 50067 / EN 62106  Two switchable program sets (with optional DSN and PSN setting)  External TA and Program set switch  Bypass relay, high reliability  Switchable MPX loopthrough mode (Loop/Side)  Internal real-time clock incl. backup battery  No special 19 kHz input needed - pilot tone internally recovered from MPX signal using digital PLL

Frequency Question (FAQ)

1. What is Radio broadcast data system(RDS) Radio Data System (RDS) is a standard for helping people insert some data information in a FM radio broadcasts station. RDS transmitted including time, station identification and program information. The standard began as a project of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 2. Why you need to build fm radio station with rds? RDS provides a digital channel for ordinary FM radio stations, allowing the radio to provide users with more features, including the following illustrations:

a) RDS Traffic Announcement (TA) :

The severing of the increased busy traffic, it is now interested in various countries in Africa to insert RDS signals when constructing a transmitting station, so as to realize the most economical broadcast of some traffic information by means of coverage of FM signals.

b) Traffic Program (TP):

With the TA and TP functions of RDS, RDS helps radio in-vehicle users to obtain traffic information faster, reduce congestion in the city, and increase the listening rate of the radio station. c) Alternative Frequency(AF):

RDS AF help drivers automatic frequency switching between the Relay stations.

Inserting the RDS signal in the transmitter can also automatically switch between multiple different frequency broadcasts in the same program. The receiver automatically switches the substitute frequency AF by detecting the PI code in the RDS signal to ensure that multiple relay stations are passed. Broadcast stations that achieve nationwide coverage achieve seamless coverage and seamless listening. When the car passes the signal superposition zone between the two frequencies, the AF function of the RDS will automatically switch to the same program at different frequencies.

3.What is needed to build an RDS broadcast?

A: A RDS Fm radio transmitter equipment kit list: 1) FMUSER RDS-A encoder 2) FMUSER FSN-1000W Fm transmitter with 57khz 3) RDS encoding software 4) Cable and antenna

Technical Specifications :

Parameter Condition Value General Supply voltage 12 V DC stabilized Supply current 280 mA Signal connectors unbalanced BNC Data connectors 1x USB (port 1), 1x Ethernet (port 2, 3, 4) Network protocols supported HTTP, SNTP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, SNMP USB speed software switchable 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps USB Mode 1 stop bit, 8 data bits, no parity, (no flow control), ASCII or UECP (SPB 490) TA switching software or external switch TA/EON1TA input TTL with 10 kΩ pull-up, level or falling edge activated Program sets 2 Program set switching ASCII command, UECP command or external switch Program switch input TTL with 10 kΩ pull-up, level controlled RDS Services supported PI, PS, PTY, TP, AF, TA, DI, M/S, PIN, RT, RT+ TMC, EON, PTYN, ECC, LIC, TDC, IH, CT, ODA RDS signal Subcarrier frequency 57 kHz Bandwidth ± 2.4 kHz (50 dBc) Output level adjust 0.0 to 4.0 V p-p in 256 steps Phase shift adjust stereo transmission Full range, in 9.5 deg. steps Audio/MPX/Pilot input Recommended load impedance mono < 10 kΩ stereo MPX < 2 kΩ Recommended MPX voltage 1.3 - 8.0 V p-p Passthrough voltage gain 2 Hz - 100 kHz 1 (0 dB) Pilot tone level min. 120 mV p-p - recommended FM deviation 6.8 kHz Pilot PLL capture range 8 Hz Stereo encoder pilot frequency required stereo transmission 19000 Hz ± 2 Hz Output Output impedance 100 Ω Recommended load impedance > 70 Ω, < 1 nF, no DC offset Max. output voltage (RDS + MPX) 9.0 V p-p Recommended RDS level 3 - 11 % of MPX

Price(USD) Qty(PCS) Shipping(USD) Total(USD) Shipping Method Payment
600 1 0 600 EMS,DHL,Fedex,TNT
550 5 0 2750 EMS,DHL,Fedex,TNT


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