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FMUSER FU-1000D 1000W 1KW 1000watts FM Broadcast Transmitter for Church Radio Station + FU-DV2 Hign Gain Antenna + 100feet Cable

R: V20210812-15-49 Data sheet   User Manual

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This is a 1000W FM broadcast transmitter you don't want to miss (shouldn't miss as

well): FMUSER FU-1000D 1KW FM radio broadcast transmitter.

If you want to choose the complete broadcasting equipment on sale, choose FMUSER;
if you want to choose the powerful kilowatt FM radio transmitter, chooseFU-1000D.

Why Most Broadcasters Choose FU-1000D FM radio station transmitter?

Please note that the value of the FU-1000D FM audio transmitter is much more than the
above parameters. The FU-1000D broadcast FM transmitter is an high power FM
transmitter equipped with professional audio equipment and digital audio
standard (AES-3). Its professional FM broadcast capability can make you so
blown away by the efficiency of it.

FU-1000D FM broadcasting transmitter adopts the way of analog audio signal output, with
the advantages of high information density, accurate resolution, simple operation
mode (analog signal processing can be realized only through analog circuit
components), which can help you quickly build a professional radio station

The embedded MPX interface truly realizes the two functions of high-quality music
input and high-quality audio mixing, so that you can enjoy the ultimate music
enjoyment brought by high-quality stereo audio processor peripherals.

FU-1000D broadcast FM transmitter equipped with RDS input interface makes your broadcast
richer. You can communicate with your audience in addition to audio so that
your audience can get more information about your radio broadcast!

Technical Specifications:
Output Power :0~1000W
Output power deviation :<± 10%
Output Load Impedance:50Ω
RF Output Interface:7/16"(female)/ 7/8” Flange
RF efficiency: >75%
SFDR :< -70dB
Frequency Range:87.0MHz~108.0MHz Setting step 10KHz
Output power stability:<± 1%
High Harmonic :< -65dB
Residual Amplitude Modulation  :< -50dB
Carrier Frequency Precision  :±200Hz
Analog Audio Input :-12dBm~+8dBm
Audio Input Level Gain:  -15dB~+15dB, step 0.1dB
Audio Input Impedance:600Ω, Balance, XLR
AES / EBU input impedance :110Ω, Balance, XLR
AES / EBU input level:0.2 ~ 10Vpp
AES / EBU sample rate:30kHz ~ 96kHz
SCA Input :Unbalance (optional) BNC connector
Pre-emphasis : 0μS, 50μS, 75μS (optional)
Audio Response:±0.1dB (30Hz~15000Hz)
LR channel level difference:<0.1dB (100% modulation)
Stereo Separation:≥50dB  30Hz ~ 15000Hz
Stereo S/N ratio :≥70dB 1KHz, 100% modulation
Distortion:<0.1%   30Hz~15000Hz
Power supply :AC single-phase 220V / 110V
Cooling mode: Forced Convection
Temperature Range: -5℃~+45℃
Relative humidity :<95%
Working Altitude :<4500m
Size :2U, 19-inch standard
Weight :16KG

Packing :

1* FU-1000D 1000W FM Transmitter

1* FU-DV2 Antenna

1* 100feet Cable


General Data:

Frequeny Range:87.5-108mhz
Impedance: 50Ohm
Connector: EIA flange according to system power rating
VSWR: <=1.3:1 MAX
Polarization: Vertical
Gain: according to requirement
Horizaontal Pattern: Any type according to the customer requirement
Vertical Pattern: Null fill, beam tilt and special requirements on demand
Other Facilities: The antenna system can be supplied in split feed with two equal half antennans, each half can accept full power
Mechanical Data:
Dimensioins: 1400*900*50mm
Weight: 5kg with hard ware mounting
Wind surface:0.05m2
Wind load: 9.8kg(wind speed at 160km/h-without radome)
Max wind velocity: 220km/h
Materials: External parts: Aluminium anticorodal
Internal parts:brass
Heigh of array: Subject to number of bays(refer to table)
Package Volume weight: 11kg
Packig Size: 86*88*7cm
Pressurizzable: Yes(on demand)
Radome colour: white(optional)
Mounting hardware: hot dip galvanized steel clamps
Shipping: as required

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Price(USD) Qty(PCS) Shipping(USD) Total(USD) Shipping Method Payment
3499 1 0 3499 EMS,DHL,FEDEX,Post air Mail
3299 5 0 16495 EMS,DHL,FEDEX,Post air Mail


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