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Digital STL Radio Link Best Studio Transmitter Link for Sale

R: V20211111-17-08 Data sheet   User Manual

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1. Overview

FMUSER ADSTL, also known as radio studio transmitter link, studio transmitter link over IP, or just studio transmitter link, is a perfect solution from FMUSER used for long-distance (up to 60 km about 37 miles) transmission of high fidelity audio and video between a broadcast studio and a radio antenna tower.

This highly integrated digital broadcasting package covers the needed studio to transmitter link equipment required by an expert radio station, including studio link transmitter and STL radio link receiver with complete front panel LCD display control system, ultra-light stainless steel Yagi antenna with high gain, up to 30m RF antenna feedline and complete accessories, which can meet the needs of all types of large and medium scale of radio broadcast stations.

2. Key Products Features

Unlike the microwave STL (Studio to transmitter link), FMUSER ADSTL is more price-competitive especially for low budget buyers (with only thousands of dollars or less budget for the buying). Plus, with its excellent performance, FMUSER ADSTL becomes the first choice for a number of commercial and private radio stations:

l Saving your buying cost - Up to 4-way stereo high fidelity XLR audio signal and single-way ASI (SDI) Video signal transmission can effectively optimize your budget and avoid additional expenses: whether purchasing multiple sets of the studio to transmitter link equipment or renting expensive broadcast antenna towers.

l Discover your broadcast potential - Thanks to our manufacturing factory and expert RF team, the software-defined radio (SDR) and digital technology (encoding, modulation, decoding, and demodulation) are finally combined and provided as a complete and low cost studio transmitter link system for the public. The advent of FMUSER ADSTL helps to meet various needs of radio broadcast station operators, in terms of commercial type or private type and has somehow discovered and developed the potential of the radio broadcast stations.

l Meet your needs only - With such an outstanding anti-interference ability, FMUSER ADSTL can easily identify and get rid of studio transmitter link interference. Of course, in exception of one of its best selling points such as anti-interference, others such as stable delivery, cost-friendly, frequency agile, and long-distance transmission had made FMUSER ADSTL the best studio transmitter link equipment for sale, which brings alike high performance and an optional buying cost for every buyer in radio broadcast equipment market.

l Make STL frequencies optional - Most importantly, FMUSER ADSTL has optional studio transmitter link frequencies (from hundreds and thousands of MHz to the highest 9GHz). Whether you need an unlicensed studio to transmitter link STL or licensed studio to transmitter link, you can put forward your STL frequency requirements and studio transmitter link equipment model requirements to our RF experts. Plus, images, videos, and instructions will be provided for free so as to avoid any loss in cost or time that may be caused by illegal personal broadcasting or any special restrictions managed by the local radio and television administrations, s.g., FCC in the USA.

3. Common Applications

FMUSER ADSTL studio transmitter link equipment is recommended If you are in any of the following situations:

l You need to reduce or avoid the excessively high cost caused by repeatedly buying affordablestudio transmitter link equipment and any form of broadcast equipment rental fare (for example, renting a broadcast antenna transmission tower)

l You need an efficient transmission distance up to 60km for HD-SDI audio and video signals or a complete digital studio to transmitter link equipment for sale.

l You need to ensure the lossless quality of audio and video signal during the transmission - lossless is always preferable.

l You are looking for a quality-competitive and affordable radio studio transmitter link for sale but being unaware of the buying price, meanwhile, you need a complete system that can fully meet the needs of network broadcasting for an international broadcasting company, but still looking for the best studio transmitter link equipment supplier.

l You need high fidelity HD-SDI audio and video to be transmitted from afar (broadcast studios) for various broadcast stations (e.g., provincial FM&TV broadcast stations, etc.).

l You have prerequisites that most competitors don't, such as a wide view between the studio and the transmitting tower

l Etc...

4. Strategic Benefits

Here are some of the highlights of FMUSER ADSTL:

l Multiple Optional Studio Transmitter Link Frequencies - in order to avoid any adverse factors to your customers caused by third-party operation (such as the illegal broadcasting studio transmitter link frequencies range established by FCC Part 15 or some local radio and TV administrations), if you need customized services for some special frequency bands, For example, for the studio to transmitter link equipment in 7GHz-9GHz frequency band or 100MHz-1000MHz (note that FMUSER provides a variety of optional STL frequency bands and corresponding different STL equipment packages), please contact our RF expert, but always remember to consult the local radio&TV administrations about the legal broadcasting frequency range or allowed STL radio link transmitter, etc. before picking the bestradio studio transmitter link for sale

l Complete Solution For Broadcasting - FMUSER ADSTL is highly competitive in terms of cost and performance. While the common studio transmitter links are basically divided into analog and digital radio station studio transmitter link types, and FMUSER ADSTL can be said to be the cheapest studio transmitter link. When you are in lack enough budget for equipment expenditure, this affordable radio studio transmitter link package with a cost of only thousands of dollars can easily meet your needs. Although with such a budget price, its excellent performance is still comparable to hundreds of thousands of dollars of the same level of digital studio transmitter link and analog studio transmitter link:

- As a composite studio to transmitter link, FMUSER ADSTL can simultaneously transmit 4-channel composite XLR stereo audio signals and 1-channel ASI (SDI) video signals, which can effectively save you cost. If you choose FMUSER ADSTL, you don't need to buy STL transmitter link equipment of multiple sets and can save the rental cost of a radio antenna tower.

- In addition to the capacity of up to 60km audio and video transmission, FMUSER ADSTL also has outstanding anti-interference ability, no accumulation of studio transmitter link interference, and can occupy a wider channel frequency band

- The feature of easy encryption makes FMUSER ADSTL studio transmitter links have higher transmission security and signal confidentiality. You can be 99.99% assured that your carefully produced audio and video broadcasting programs will not be lost or received by mistake (e.g., won't be received by your competitors)

- Thanks to our manufacturing factory and exquisite manufacturing technology, we are now the best studio to transmitter link equipment supplier around the world, all FMUSER studio transmitter link equipment for sale have become smaller in volume and quality, so it is easier to be integrated as a complete broadcast system. What's more, our expert RF team will also help to simplify the basic processes of signal storage, processing, and exchange, so as to obtain the best user experience.

l Unparalleled Sound Experience - 100% sound quality transmission and restoration using professional DSP digital audio technology.

l Fully Reliable - just turn the system on, the studio transmitter link will 24/7 constantly work for your radio station. A routine check is all that's asked for, except for that, it will remain as reliable as always and transmit high-fidelity audio and video constantly for your radio station.

l Lightning Protection System - FMUSER ADSTL studio to transmitter link has its own lightning protection system. You only need to connect the grounding line and leave the rest to the protection system. No matter the lightning enters from the STL radio link antenna, the audio line, or the power system, the STL radio link equipment can be perfectly protected.

5. How FMUSER ADSTL Works?

1) How to use the Yagi Antenna as the STL antenna?

Generally, the STL antenna is a Yagi antenna in the studio transmitter link system, which can be used for vertical and horizontal polarization, providing good directivity. Excellent Yagi antenna usually has the characteristics of excellent radio ease of use, high gain, lightweight, high quality, low cost, and weather resistance.

In this affordable studio to transmitter link package, two Yagi antennas are included as STL antennas, they will be installed respectively on the broadcasting antenna tower of the studio and the transmitting tower, and will be connected with the STL radio link transmitter (broadcast studio) and the STL radio link receiver (transmitting tower). Meanwhile, two 30-meter long RF antenna feedlines will be connected with the STL transmitter and the STL receiver respectively on the studio tower and transmitting tower and work as a part of the radio studio transmitter link system of HD-SDI audio and video.

2) How to use the STL Transmitter and STL Receiver?

The studio transmits the recorded audio and video through the STL transmitter and Yagi STL radio link antenna and is received by the STL transmitter and STL antenna near the radio engineering room and the transmitting tower.

3) Studio Tower and Transmitting Tower

In a radio studio transmitter link, the STL transmitter will obtain the audio and video signals at the studio end and carry out ultra long-distance transmission (up to 60km) in the frequency range of 100 ~ 1000MHz through the broadcast antenna near the studio (usually Yagi antenna). Then the broadcast antenna installed on the transmitting tower (also Yagi antenna) will receive the audio and video signals from the studio direction

Finally, these high-fidelity audio and video signals will be radiated to your customers by the radio broadcast transmitter and the supporting broadcast antenna.

This digital studio transmitter link has better signal tolerance and lower signal loss in point-to-point audio and video signal transmission. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of ultralow cost and ultra-long signal transmission distance.

6. Technical Characteristics

Thanks to our expert engineers and manufacturing factory, you don't need to worry about whether their performance will vary greatly due to different prices - even the STL package with the lowest budget can serve you pretty well

If you need more info in detail, please take a few minutes for one of our best sales STL equipment models:


l Operating frequency: 100~1000MHz

l Frequency step value: 10Khz

l Frequency deviation: ±10Khz

l RF transmit power: 10W

l RF transmit power deviation: ±0.1%

l In-band residual radiation: - 80dB

l Higher harmonic radiation: - 70dB

l Parasitic AM noise: - 60dB

l Audio modulation mode: [email protected]

l Video modulation mode: 15Bit/ [email protected]

l Receiving sensitivity: - 78dBm

l RF output impedance: 50Ω

l RF output interface: N-head (other interfaces can be customized)


l Input interface: XLR

l Output interface: XLR

l Input level: 15dBm+15dm

l Input impedance: 600Ω


l Input interface: XLR

l Output interface: XLR

l Input level: - 39dBFS0dBFS

l Input impedance: 110Ω

l Stereo audio operation

l Signal to noise ratio: > 85dB (1KHz,0dBm)

l Distortion: < 0.05%(30Hz15000Hz,0dBm)

l Audio frequency response: ±0.1dB(30Hz15000Hz,0dBm)

l Stereo separation: > 80dB(30Hz15000Hz,0dBm)

l Digital video operation

l Input signal: ASI HD digital signal

l Input interface: BNC

l Output interface: BNC

l Input level: 1Vp-p

l MER: > 45dB


l Transmitter size: 2U (19 inches) width 440mm × Height 88mm × 450mm deep

l Receiver size: 1U (19 inches) wide 440mm × Height 44mm × 300mm deep

l Transmitter weight: 13kg

l Receiver weight: 4kg

l Heat dissipation mode: Forced air cooling

l Fan noise: 50dB


l Relative humidity: 95%

l Altitude: 4500m

l Power supply voltage: 90VAC~260VAC/ 47Hz~63Hz

l Operating ambient temperature: - 10℃~+45

l Power consumption: 50W


Please do know that some basic configuring info of the ADSTL equipment package, such as corresponding price and interface, vary accordingly due to different equipment models. The equipment pics shown above are for reference only.

7. Package Includes

l ADSTL STL link transmitter * 1

l ADSTL STL link receiver * 1

l ADSTL Yagi STL link antenna * 2

l 30m RF Antenna Feedlines * 2

l Product Manual * 1

8. Available Options for Your Budget

FMUSER has also designed tens of different STL equipment packages that can totally meet your budgets! Let’s have a look:

Model No.









TX: 1 x L/R or AES/EBU in, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO in

RX: 1 x L/R or AES/EBU out, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO out





TX: 2 x L/R or AES/EBU in, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO in

RX: 2 x L/R or AES/EBU out, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO out





TX: 3 x L/R or AES/EBU in, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO in

RX: 3 x L/R or AES/EBU out, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO out





TX: 4 x L/R or AES/EBU in, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO in

RX: 4 x L/R or AES/EBU out, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO out





TX: 1 x L/R or AES/EBU in, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO in

RX: 1 x L/R or AES/EBU out, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO out





TX: 2 x L/R or AES/EBU in, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO in

RX: 2 x L/R or AES/EBU out, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO out





TX: 3 x L/R or AES/EBU in, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO in

RX: 3 x L/R or AES/EBU out, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO out





TX: 4 x L/R or AES/EBU in, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO in

RX: 4 x L/R or AES/EBU out, 1 x ASI SDI VIDEO out


If you're interested in more STL link equipment package combinations - of course with the best prices and top quality, then don't be hesitate to contact us! WE ARE ALWAYS LISTENING!

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