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what exactly is FMUSER-STL Studio transmitter link?

Published:2020/9/21 16:39:58 Visits:

Our radio programs are more and more popular withaudiences. These years, someaudiences have recorded our radio programs and posted them onsome most popular websites of our country, which attracts a lot of people’s attention. So I wonder if we should consider expanding radio stations in the whole country to growour audience and increase the influence of our radio programs so that it will be better for the foundation of the future development of our company.

Do you really think this plan can be implemented? Everyone knows that it costs a lot of money to build a radio station, and you may not be able to find a suitable place to build a radio station near the local transmission tower. In this case, you stillwanna expand it in the whole country? It's just impossible!

So now we need a set of high-tech broadcast transmitter with wide coverage and low price! I heard that FMUSER's STL, studio to transmitter links system, is pretty good. It’s a network audio system. Why don't we just give it a try?

2.So what exactly is FMUSER-STL?

In fact, FMUSER-STL is a network audio transmission system. When the announcers are talking in the studio, the FBE200 encoder converts the real-time live program of the studio into streaming audio, and transmits it to the FMUSER-STL .Then, the player receives the FMUSER-STL through the network. The real-time live audio of the studio is transmitted to the transmitter of the base station. In this way, the voice of the announcer in the studio can be transmitted to the radio receivers ofnearby audiences through the transmission tower.At last, everyone can turn on his radio receiverand listen to the radio.

So what are the special parts of this network audio transmission system?

First of all, it can transmit audio signals over long distances, even more than 3000KM. This system uses the latest 5G+ server audio transmission technology, witch makes your studio no longer limited by distance, even in densely populated areas on the edge of the country, you can also establish a signal of the capital radio station.

Secondly, with this system, you can set up a radio station with obstructions. It means that the link between the studio and the transmission towerwon’t belimited by mountains, trees, and buildings anymore.Even if the transmission tower you rent is only 1/3 of the height the surrounding buildings , you can still create your own radio station perfectly.

Furthermore, the system can transmit a studio program to countlesstransmission tower. You only need to focus on the broadcast programming, and then FMUSER-STL will allow you to use the same FM business radio licenseto transmit your radio programs to transmission towersaround the country in real time.

What’s more, this system has another amazing advantage: no radiation. In densely populated areas, people usually don't wanna see huge antennas among tall buildings because everyone is afraid of being affected by electromagneticradiation. At this point, radio stations can use FMUSER-STL to avoid this problem.

Finally, this network audio transmission system can also change program sources at any time. The local transmitting tower can switch the broadcast program they’ve received at any time. After finishing playing one program from the first studio, it can also switch to receive and play the program transmitted by the second studio.

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