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Why do people choose to pray online?

Published:2020/9/21 16:30:13 Visits:

Nowthe COVID-19in the whole worldis in a severe rebound situation. Worship activities are not able to continue as usual, which means thatit's still a high risk to go to the church. In this situation, online church has become the most convenient and safestway for prayer.

What are the advantages of online church?

In this raging global epidemic, all of us should be united. We should try to go out as little as possibleto protect others and ourselves and contribute to the whole country and even the whole world in the fight against the COVID-19. Online church has become the most convenient and safest way to pray during this period.

No matter where you are, and it doesn't matter whether you are a doctor or perhaps a nurse in the hospital, or just an ordinary person isolated at home, you canuse your mobile phone to log in Facebook or YouTube to participate in online church!

How to participate in online church without leaving home?

Most people may have already thought of using social network live broadcasts for online church, but due to the lack of clear pixels on the mobile phone and the unstable network signal, it's still hard for them to do an online live streaming. But now, with this encoder,you can connect the camera with it,after that, the video of pastor praying in the church will be transmitted to YouTube or Facebook by the encoder, and people can participate in praying by watching the video. In this way, everyone can safely stay at home for isolation and do their jobs for the epidemic prevention and control while continuing to participate in prayer activities.

How does FMUSER FBE200 works for doing a online church?

Before you start to pray online, you are supposed to put the camera in front of the pastor in order to film all this worship activity. Next, you should connect the camera with Video in and the microphone cord with Audio line in. Then, all you need to do is to plug a cable network into Rj45 Ethernet.After that, all the scenes filmed by the camera will be transmitted on Facebook or YouTube. If you want to pray during the period of coronavirus, just use your cellphone to log in those social softwares to watch live streaming.

The advantages of FMUSER FBE200 streaming encoder:

1. It consumes less amounts of bandwidth while supporting high-definition video, which keeps the network live video broadcast steadier.

2. It can work steadily for a long time without any pop-up messages. The pastor can easily control the streaming encoder during an online church.

3. One streaming encoder can transmit the same video on Facebook and YouTube at the same time without using any other equipments.

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