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Tecsun PL-360 Radio Shockproof Mobile Phone with FM Radio:


Tecsun PL-360 Radio Shockproof Mobile Phone with FM Radio

R: V20200319-15-12 Data sheet   User Manual

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Input:   Output:   Inner Function:   Power:

This machine adopts the si4734 American SILICON LABS digital signal processing (DSP) chip, the analog FM / AM radio signal digital conversion, the use of modern principles of its software radio processing and demodulation, which greatly improves the listening sensitivity, selectivity , SNR, and anti-jamming capability.

Receive FM stereo, AM (can be extended to long-wave), short (2.3 ~ 21.95MHz) radio programs, features and more practical, easy to operate, especially power.

FM Receiving frequency range can be set to receive 76 ~ 108MHz (Japan standard), 87 ~ 108MHz, or 87.5 ~ 108 MHz (Europe standard).

With an external AM antenna jack, with the supplied external AM antenna can greatly improve the AM / L-band receiver sensitivity.

A very useful multi-functional digital control knob can be used to set the time, adjust the frequency, select the address.

Select units with five kinds of ways: easy tuning (ETM), manual search radio frequency (VF), manual searches stored radio (VM), radio frequency automatic search browse, browse the stored automatically search for radio stations, which is Desheng ETM To improve the efficiency of income units receive original sets of methods.

Can be manual, semi-automatic (ATS) to store up to 450 radio frequencies, including FM / in the long wave can each save 100, 250 short-wave frequency can be kept.

Multifunction display: can display the radio frequency electric field strength, signal to noise ratio, temperature, battery capacity status, etc.

Using a special high sensitivity film speakers, awesome, listen to FM stereo radio with headset.

With radio alarm function, you can start to listen to pre-set time radio program, also set at 1 to 90 minutes automatic stop alarm sound function.

Highly intelligent power switch function: You can set the boot 1 to 120 minutes after the automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown feature also cancel.

Use three R6 (V) battery, you can also use nickel-metal hydride batteries, and has intelligent charging function (USB jack).

Comes with protective sleeve fine, medium high-sensitivity antenna and external stereo headphones.

Glossary: ETM - Easy Tuning Mode convenient tuning method

ETM convenient tuning method - using the radio receiver circuit and control procedures unique combination of pre-optimization of suspected radio frequency, tuning income units to improve efficiency. Using ETM income units, you can easily tune out from the preferred frequency in the radio favorite.

Frequency Range / Tuning step:
Frequency Modulation (FM)
76 - 108 MHz; smart step 0.01/0.1 MHz
Can choose the frequency coverage:
Standard: 87 - 108 MHz (except for Japan, Germany, Russia, other than national standards)
Germany: 87.5 - 108 MHz
Japan: 76 - 108 MHz (including part of the campus radio and domestic 4 - 5 channel TV Sound)

Shortwave (SW)
2300 - 21950 kHz; Smart Step 1 / 5 kHz
Wave (MW)
522 - 1620 kHz; Smart Step 1 / 9 kHz (for Asia, Africa and Europe)
520 - 1710 kHz; Smart Step 1 / 10 kHz (for North America)
150 - 1620 kHz; (covering the long-wave) Smart Step 1 / 9 kHz

Noise limited sensitivity:
Frequency Modulation (FM) (S / N = 30dB) better than 3 uV
AM (MW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 2 mV / m Built-in antenna
AM (MW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 1 mV / m external antenna
Longwave (LW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 12 mV / m Built-in antenna
Longwave (LW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 4 mV / m external antenna
Shortwave (SW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 30 uV

Frequency Modulation (FM)> 60 dB
AM (MW)> 60 dB
Longwave (LW)> 60 dB
Shortwave (SW)> 60 dB

FM stereo separation: better than 25 dB
Output power:
Speaker: 350 mW
Headphones: 10 mW / 8 - 32Ω stereo headphones
Storage memory count: 450
Frequency Modulation (FM) 100
The long-wave (MW) 100
Shortwave (SW) 250

Awakened mode: radio alarm rang
Quiescent Current:
Frequency Modulation (FM) <25mA
AM / long wave (MW / LW) <23mA
Shortwave (SW) <27mA
Shutdown standby <90uA

Speaker Specifications: diameter 40 mm / 16Ω film speaker

Power supply:
Battery: 3 R6 (V) batteries or rechargeable batteries
External power jack: USB specification / DC 5V 300mA

Product Size: W 159*53*26 (mm)
Appearance Patent No.: 200830217914.9
Stereo headphones, protective cover, in the long-wave external antenna, manual, certificate, service guarantee.

Price(USD) Qty(PCS) Shipping(USD) Total(USD) Shipping Method Payment
58 1 10 68 EMS,DHL,Fedex,TNT
45 10 165 615 EMS,DHL,Fedex,TNT


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