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FUTV-8221H 3w 5KM Live News Interview UHF 720 HD HDMI COFDM MPEG2 4 H.264 Transmitter for Camera

R: V20160122-15-47 Data sheet   User Manual

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Input:CVBS, YPbPr, S-Video, HDMI  

Product Introduction

The wireless digital image transmission system (which comprises the wireless transmitter and receiver) adopts the advanced COFDM modulation technology and the channel codes and combines with MPEG4 AVC/H.264 digital image compression multimedia network transmission technology. In addition to high-speed movement and non-line of sight, it can achieve the real time and synchronous transmission of broadband multimedia services such as Video, Audio, data and etc. The system has features of flexible structure, wide coverage, good mobility, strong ability to combat interference and fading.

It is an ideal solution for providing long distance, high quality and high efficiency of wireless real-time transmission applied in emergency telecommunications such as commanding, emergency rescues, and multiple fields like investigation, field battle, public security, armed police, fire control, oil field, mines, water project, electricity, and so on.

Key Features

·Unfixed spot positioning transmitting of remote distance

·It can transmit close-distance, continuous, and moving (non-vision distance) real-time AV signal.

·Adjustable transmitting power (0-3 W) and frequency (200-900 MHz)

·Adjustable modulating mode (QPSK/16QAM/64QAM)

·The emission system can simultaneously send one video and one audio

·Image quality guaranteed in the transmission process.

·Stable and reliable emission system

·It can cooperate with satellite image car as a repeater.

·It adopts COFDM modulation mode, besides it has strong multipath interference rejection ability, so it can realize 180km/h within the high-speed mobile transmission in signal coverage area

·1-3 kilometer transmitting distance available

Appearance and Illustration

Front Panel Illustration

Real Panel Illustration

Transmitter Installation

The antenna for the transmitter and receiver

Receiver installation

Portable Wireles Transmit

Technical Specifications

Principle Chart

Web NMS Operation


Receiver Configuration and Decoder Setting


Transmitting System

Package List

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