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FU-X01AK 1W FM Transmitter Standard Configuration Upgraded 1 watt FM radio broadcaster User-friendly and Easy Operating Short Antenna + Power Supply + USB Cable + Audio Cable

R: V20160205-11-09   

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FU-X01AK Fm transmitter design for home use, it is easy to change Worldwide band frequency 76-108mhz. FU-X01AK also has accessaries including Short Antenna, Power Supply, USB Cable and Audio Cable. Audio pre-emphasis is adjustable between 50US(EURO) / 75US(USA). The RF power can be tune 0-11 steps and control the cover range. When the audio is no input, it will auto power off to save the energy. All the setting will be saved for next time power on.

Key Features

User-friendly and easy operating
Auto power of when no audio in
RCA and 3.5mm audio line in
Microphone input volume will be tuned up in priority when there is an input, the main volume will be tuned down automatically.
Worldwide band 76~108Mhz for any country, easy to setup and change
RF output power is adjustable from 0~1w by 11 levels. Level 0 means no power is transmitted out.
Audio pre-emphasis is adjustable between 50US(EURO) / 75US(USA)
Mono and stereo switchable
Broadcast distance: 0-1km adjustable(The distance is estimated in open environment and just for reference)
Current settings will be memorized, it automatically starts from the previous settings when the transmitter is turned on again.
The size of product is 163mm(height)*120mm(width)*38mm(depth).
The weight of product is 0.3kg.

Appearance and Illustration

Front Panel Illustration

1. LED panel
2. Volume

3. On/Off & Play/Pause

4. Decrease/Previous

5. Increase/Next

6. Power Regulation
7. Microphone Volume
8. Audio Source Switching
9. Frequency Regulation
10. Short Press: Stereo/Mono、Long Press: Pre-emphasis

Rear Panel Illustration

1. 12V Power Input Interface

2. TF Card Slot
3. Left Sound Channel Input
4. Right Sound Channel Input
5. MIC Input Interface
6. Data Communication Interface
7. Antenna Interface

LCD Panel

1. LINE Volume
2. Power
3. MIC Volume
4. Stereo
5. Battery Power
6. Frequency
7. Audio Input
8. Pre-emphasis

9. Number of Currently Playing Song


RF Parameters

Frequency range: 76~108MHZ (frequency band may customized when MOQ is over 100pcs)
Frequency stepping: 100KHZ, 0.1MHZ
Frequency deviation: +-75KHZ
RF Power: 0-1W, 11 levels adjustable.
Harmonic and clatter: <=-60dB
SNO Rate: >=60dB
RF output: TNC-K, 50 Ohm

Audio Parameters

Audio input: analog audio 3.5mm in, RCA in
Mic input: 3.5mm in
Audio Input Channel: Line in (3.5mm/RCA), TF Card MP3, Bluetooth
Audio input level: 15dBV
Audio distortion: <=0.2%
Audio frequency response: 50HZ~15000HZ
Stereo separation: >=40dB
Pre-emphasis: 50US/ 75US switchable
Audio control: electronic volume control, 11 levels adjustable from 0~10, level 0 means no volume output.
MIC control: electronic volume control, 11 levels adjustable from 0~10, level 0 means no volume output.

Other Parameters

Work voltage: 12V
Work current: <0.4A (At Maximum power mode)
Work temperature: -10~45
Product dimension: 162*120*40MM

Principle Chart

Order Information



Advanced Module

(MP3+Bluetooth+battery module)

TF Card


Accessories(Short Antenna, Power Supply, USB Cable, Audio Cable)











Package List

FM Transmitter   1pcs

Packing Box  1pcs

Short Antenna 1pcs

Power Supply 1pcs

USB Cable 1pcs

Audio Cable 1pcs

Price(USD) Qty(PCS) Shipping(USD) Total(USD) Shipping Method Payment
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