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FMT-150L 150W 150watts FM Radio Transmitter +FU-DV2 Antenan + 20M RF Feeder for Radio station drive-in Church , Auto cinema

R: V20200909-17-34 Data sheet   User Manual

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FMT5-150 is a profesional FM stereo/Mono broadcasting transmitter.

The advanced digital technologies,Digital Signal Processor(DSP), are used in the transmitters to get little size , high performance and high reliability.

They are widely used for professional radio stations to transmit high quality FM radio programs.


●This is the FMT series 5 generation product,All-digital technologies DSP+PLL, better sound quality.
●Upgrade frequency step to 50Khz.
●Exquisite craftsmanship,Standard 19 inches,1U whole aluminium alloy cabinet. Wiredrawing and oxidation makes surface bright, clean and elegant.
●Big LCD display all the parameters in real time. displays working frequency, volume, FETMOS temperature, forward power and SWR.
●Provided with the series of protection function, own active protection and raise alarm prompts once meet any trouble while working.
●Accurate operating index and perfect protection measures make you are more aware of the operating status of your machine.
●Easily installation and simply operations.
●High quality and excellent technical performances. AGC circuit to keep the Output Power stability.
●Each machine has been examined strictly by a series of quality inspection and function test to guarantee best operating function.

Technical Specifications:

- Power voltage: 90VAC~AC260V, 50Hz~60Hz
- Power efficeiency:≥60%
- Heat elimination mode:wind
- RF frequency range: 87.00MHz~108MHz,step 50KHz
- RF Output power:0~150W adjustable
- RF Output impedance:50Ω
- RF Output connector:N(female)
- Carrier frequency precision:±200Hz
- Harmonic suppression:>65dB
- Parasitic amplitude modulation:<-50dB
- Modulation frequency deviation:±75kHz(100% modulation)
- Audio input connector: RCA(unbalanced), XLR (balanced)
- Audio pre-emphasis:0μs、50μs、70μs
- Level difference of right and left :<0.01 dB(100% modulation)
- Signal-to-Noise:75dB、1kHz(100% modulation)
- Audio response: ±0.1dB,10Hz~15000MHz
- Distortion: <0.1%,10 Hz ~15000 MHz
- Stereo Separation: 55dB,10Hz~15000Hz
- Pilot frequency:19kHz±1Hz
- Pilot frequency modulation:8%~10%
- Analog audio input impedance:600Ω,balance
- Analog audio input gain:-15dBm~+15dBm,step0.01 dBm



Input: Output: Inner Function: Power:

General Data:

Frequeny Range:87.5-108mhz
Impedance: 50Ohm
Connector: EIA flange according to system power rating
VSWR: <=1.3:1 MAX
Polarization: Vertical
Gain: according to requirement
Horizaontal Pattern: Any type according to the customer requirement
Vertical Pattern: Null fill, beam tilt and special requirements on demand
Other Facilities: The antenna system can be supplied in split feed with two equal half antennans, each half can accept full power

Mechanical Data:
Dimensioins: 1400*900*50mm
Weight: 5kg with hard ware mounting
Wind surface:0.05m2
Wind load: 9.8kg(wind speed at 160km/h-without radome)
Max wind velocity: 220km/h
Materials: External parts: Aluminium anticorodal
Internal parts:brass
Heigh of array: Subject to number of bays(refer to table)
Package Volume weight: 11kg
Packig Size: 86*88*7cm
Pressurizzable: Yes(on demand)
Radome colour: white(optional)
Mounting hardware: hot dip galvanized steel clamps
Shipping: as required

Package Include:

1*150W 5.0 FM Radio Transmitter

1* FU-DV2 FM antenna

1* 20M Cable

1* Audio Cable

Price(USD) Qty(PCS) Shipping(USD) Total(USD) Shipping Method Payment
1180 1 0 1180 EMS,DHL,Fedex,TNT
1080 2 0 2160 EMS,DHL,Fedex,TNT


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