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What occasion can use our Transmitter?

Published:2020/4/28 16:34:56 Visits:

Do you know What occasion can use our Transmitter?

1.Televisions: Broadcast the sound from your television set to any FM radio in static-free clarity. Our transmitter will connect with your television set and broadcast the sound to any FM radio.

2.Home: Transform your home into a concert hall when you utilize our FM transmitters with your home audio system. Fill your home with your favorite audio source for endless hours of listening pleasure.

3.Cars: Enjoy your favorite music while traveling on the road or during the morning and afternoon commute. Compatible with your laptop, smart phone and Apple device, our transmitter will broadcast your audio source to the cars radio without an auxiliary input.

4.Meetings & Presentations
With the built in microphone port you will be able to broadcast your presentation to the participants. An FM transmitter work amazingly well when a PA system is missing or fails. It will prevent your big meeting or event from falling apart at the last second when things go awry. It’s always better to be safe than regret.

5.Internet Radio
It really doesn’t matter if you listen to internet radio on your smart phone or computer. You can now broadcast to any FM radio within a 150 feet with the FMUSER FM Transmitter, just plug your smart phone or laptop into one and you will be able to listen to Internet radio anywhere, as long as you have and FM radio.

6.Churches: Translate sermons into a different language and assist hearing impaired members of your church with our FM transmitter. A transmitter will allow your congregation to hear the sermon through headphones and an FM radio.

7.Home stereo
Listen to your favorite music from your stereo throughout your backyard without having to move a single piece of audio equipment. Just imagine no more maximize the speaker sound and rattling the windows to hear your music.

8.Bars & Restaurants & Hotel
Bars, Hotel and restaurants have started putting FM Transmitters to use in recent years, including ours. If you own a bar, for example, then you can have this inexpensive but high quality alternative to transmitting television broadcasts to your bar’s patrons, and reduce noise with a FMUSER FM Transmitter.

9.School activities
If you are dreaming of broadcasting a wonderful sports program or a music show performed by a community, then the opportunity is here. Our FM transmitter is perfect for your requirements, and you can listen to the broadcast through the broadcast even while walking on the road to school. You can also tell students or people who are coming to visit what is going to happen and where the show will be held.

10.Any Audio
Use virtually any audio source you can imagine from CD players, Cassette Tape Players, MP3 Players, Boom boxes, old stereo systems, you name it.If it has an audio out port, chances are you can broadcast it!

If you want to know more details about the fm transmitter, please send me email:

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