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What is the relationship between the frequency and length of the slot antenna?

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What is the length of the slot antenna?

For example, how many meters is 470MHZ? How many meters is 860MHZ?

The 4-slot antenna is based on 2 meters, 470MHZ is about 2.6 meters long, 860MHZ is less than 2 meters, and no packaging is included.

If the 4-slot antenna is not a particularly low channel, it can usually be transported by air.

The 8-slot antenna is based on 4 meters, and the 470MHZ is about 5-6 meters long, so even if it is cut into 2 sections, it will go to 2 meters - 2.6 meters.

Under what circumstances do you need to make 2 cuts?
The four-slit antenna is one, and the eight-slot antenna can be one, or it can be divided into two sections to see the needs of customer logistics.

The maximum size of the four-slit antenna is generally 2KW, and it is recommended to use 6 seams and 8 seams above 3KW.

Can the slot antenna be used in VHF?
VHF 1-6 channel is not available
VHF 7-12 channel is available

There are two types of 8-slot antennas:
1. A whole 4 meters long, can only go by sea, can not board the plane
2. Divide into two four seams, work together with the power splitter, you can take the air and express

Divided into two four slits, plus power divider, the price is the same as the complete 8-slot antenna.
We can advise  you according to your specific requiry:

Someone like the whole one, and the installation is in place once. For example, he buys a 5KW big machine, and it is very convenient to go to sea together.
If some customers are in a hurry to ask for air transport, they will tell him that two 2 m long four stitches can also be used.

The length of the slot antenna is related to the frequency and the number of slots. (The lower the frequency, the longer the length, the longer the number of slots, the longer the number of slots can be divided into two.)

The width of the slot antenna is only related to the frequency (the lower the frequency, the wider)

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