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How to properly install the antenna?

Published:2019/11/15 12:08:02 Visits:
How to properly install the antenna?

1: Before installing, first check whether the outer packaging of the antenna is damaged or not, and whether there is any defect.
2: Some inspection work needs to be done on the ground before installing the antenna. Remove the antenna in the wooden box and see if there is any looseness inside the antenna. Then use the multimeter ohm file to separately detect the output of the two-layer antenna. The core and ground wires must be short-circuited. If you find that the core and ground of any antenna output are open, you need to check and reinstall.
3: Pick up the power splitter, check that there should be no sound inside, and then use the multimeter ohmic file to detect that the core wires in the three output ports are short-circuited to each other, and each core wire and ground wire are open. After these tests are normal, the installation can continue.
4: Install the antenna on the tower as shown in the figure. Install the vibrators on the unified vertical line, connect the two sub-feeders to the antenna and the power splitter, and fix them. Connect the output cables. After the installation, the connectors are connected. Sealed with waterproof tape and 703 glue to prevent water seepage.
5: In the equipment room, the core wire and ground wire of the multimeter ohms antenna cable must also be short-circuited.
6: Use the frequency characteristic tester to detect the standing wave ratio of the antenna or the standing wave tester. The coefficient should be less than 1.15.
7: The antenna should be regularly maintained, maintained, and prevented from deteriorating in characteristics, affecting the launching effect.

What should I pay attention to when installing a vertically polarized transmitting antenna?

Points to note when installing:
Interlayer distance = 2.8m
Pay attention to the up and down direction when installing the vibrator, and the output cable head must face down.
All cable ends must be tightened and must not be loose.
After the antenna is installed, the connector between the feeder and the antenna should be sealed with 705 glue and tightly wrapped with waterproof tape to prevent water leakage.

How to check if the vertically polarized antenna works normally?

1: This sub-antenna is an open-circuit antenna. Therefore, in the equipment room, the core and ground wires of the multi-meter feed tube are in an open state. If a multimeter is used to check the resistance, the antenna has water inflow. .
2: First check the quality of the feed tube.
Unscrew the joint of the feed pipe and the power splitter on the iron tower, connect the feed pipe head to the standard 50 ohm dummy load, and then use the frequency sweeper to detect the quality of the feed pipe in the machine room. If there is no 50 ohm dummy load, then the tower is in the tower. The core wire of the feed pipe and the ground wire of the feed pipe are short-circuited, and then the resistance value of the multimeter in the machine room should also be completely short-circuited.

3: Check the quality of the two antenna vibrators separately.
Or unscrew the connector of the feed pipe and the power splitter, and unscrew the upper two outputs of the splitter to the L27 head of the antenna vibrator. Find a L27KK straight through which the two ends are externally threaded, and pass the connection of the first layer of vibrators through the 27 through. , connected to the total feed tube, and then use the sweeper to test the index in the machine room, so that the index of the single-layer antenna can be tested, and the index of the second-layer antenna vibrator is tested again by the same method. The two-layer antenna vibrator index is not good, generally The fault in the case is that the head of the antenna vibrator output sub-feeder is not well contacted or the water is in. If the water enters the water, the antenna vibrator can only be put out of the water and dried, but if the feeder is in the water, Can't handle it, it can only be replaced by the whole feeder.

4: Check the quality of the power splitter
After the upper and lower antenna vibrators and the total feed tube are inspected, if there is no problem, then it is necessary to check whether the power splitter is good or bad. The quality of the power splitter is better, the upper two cores of the power splitter and The output head of the power splitter is completely short-circuited with a multimeter, and there is no resistance, that is, 0 Ω. If the resistance is measured, any one of the upper two heads of the power splitter is compared with the total output core. The large resistance value means that the above splitter core may be oxidized in the water, and the oxide layer must be removed. The two cores on the general power splitter are easily oxidized, and the cover on the splitter can be used. Use a pliers to unscrew it and treat it until it is completely short-circuited with the multimeter.

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