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How to extend the service life of FM / TV transmitter?

Published:2020/4/28 16:30:33 Visits:

How to extend the service life of FM / TV transmitter?

1. Before turning on the transmitter, make sure to install a suitable antenna. Signal blockage will cause the VSWR to rise and eventually damage the transmitter.
2. Ensure that the antenna is installed in the correct position, and that the VSWR is less than 1.2 (It is recommended to use auxiliary instruments for measurement).
3. The frequency setting is not coordinated to ensure that the frequency setting is within the range of the antenna bandwidth.
4. Use UPS power supply and voltage stabilizer, do not connect the device to the open triangle main power supply to avoid power outage and voltage fluctuation.
5. The power is 100%, to avoid equipment is 50%, it is easy to burn the transmitter RF chip.
6. Humid and rainy areas, avoid moisture entering the transmitter, the inside of the transmitter must be completely dry.
7. Temperature, the transmitter works within the specified temperature range.
8. The transmitter can work continuously 24/7 without shutting down. The cold and hot caused by the switching machine will alternate, and water vapor will form condensation in the transmitter power amplifier tube, causing the transmitter to malfunction.
9. Regularly clean the fan and internal dust (please proceed under professional guidance).
10.Clean up the environment of the computer room to avoid the small animals entering the transmitter to warm up, causing damage to the machine.
11. Use the supplied adapter for operation, incorrect rating may cause damage.
12. The wiring and length of the coaxial cable are very important. If the line loss is too high, the power provided by the transmitter will be consumed. Assume that your transmitter is 600 watts. If there is a 3bD line loss between the output of the device and the transmitting antenna The 600-watt device can only provide half the power to the antenna (IF there is a 3bD line loss in the cable between your unit's output and the transmitting antenna, a 600-watt unit will only deliver 300watt to the antenna.)
How to clean the transmitter?
It is necessary to clean the fan, it can remove the hot air in the transmitter and filter part of the dust to the outside of the machine.
1. Turn off the power. Make sure that no current is flowing, clean the transmitter housing with a damp cloth, and then wipe the surface of the water.
2. Clean the "fan" and use a professional leaf blower.
3. Use small and small blowers.

How to troubleshoot the transmitter?
When your transmitter fails, observe the indicator or the words on the screen first, pay attention to the places you have seen and what you found (Note where you have looked and what you found).

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