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How to choose a good coaxial cable?

Published:2019/10/26 18:10:43 Visits:

1, according to the working frequency of the coaxial cable

The connection of the general coaxial cable will limit its maximum working frequency. For example, the BNC is a bayonet connection, the working frequency is up to 4GHZ, and the reliability is relatively reliable. The best working frequency of the N-type is 18ghz, the most common 2.92mm connector. The maximum working frequency is 40ghz, and the choice should be based on specific needs.

2, according to the transmission loss of the coaxial cable

In general, the larger the diameter of the coaxial cable, the smaller the transmission loss, the lower the transmission loss of the lower density, the lower the transmission loss of the lower frequency, and the lower the transmission loss if the transmission loss is lower. However, the purchase cost will increase, so when choosing a coaxial cable, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the choice according to the insertion loss accepted by the system and the actual required length, so as to make the best use of it.


3, according to the power capacity of the coaxial cable

The power capacity of a coaxial cable is closely related to its heat dissipation capability. The final limiting factor is the maximum operating temperature accepted by the material of the coaxial cable. Generally speaking, the power capacity and transmission loss are inversely proportional to each other. Power capacity selection, after all, the higher the power, the greater the cost.

4, according to the shielding performance of coaxial cable

The shielding performance of the coaxial cable mainly depends on the structure of the outer conductor. The shielding performance differs depending on the conductor structure. Generally, the solid state shielding is the best.

5, according to the anti-blocking selection of coaxial cable

Relatively speaking, according to the anti-resistance selection of the coaxial cable, the resistance of the coaxial cable is almost 75 ohms in the use of the cable television network, and the coaxial cable for other purposes is 50 ohms.

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