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8 tips for How to save money to make a Transmitter Cover Further Distance

Published:2019/9/11 17:16:48 Visits:

Do you want to buy a transmitter with the least budget, that can send your own advertisements and programs farther, and have more listeners? This article will give you more tips.

1. Transmitter selection: With a high-performance transmitter, choose affordable, high sensitivity and stereo, it will give your audience a better enjoyment. The transmitter requires stable performance, long-term use can save power, and the life of the machine can be maintained.

2. Machine warranty: 1-2 year warranty

3. The choice of antenna : to choice of multilayer antenna will make the transmitter use better.

4. Complete accessories, a variety of matching options, no need to find another machines anywhere.

5. Choose a reliable supplier, FMUSER is a factory with 10 years of experience in producing transmitters and accessories.

6. Easy to operate, with operation video, easy to install, no need to hire an engineer.

7. The antenna is erected higher, requiring at least 5 meters from the ground. There are no tall buildings, mountains and trees, and the higher the distance, the farther it is.

8. Use our studio to studio and STL economical solutions to make the coverage farther.

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